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500 WORDS...

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... is a very simple mini project. 


Since International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March, I decided to celebrate in 2019 with a month-long ode to femalekind. 


Every day a new bitesize biography, exactly 500 words long, will be published. I have tried to curate a mix of personalities, featuring historical figures and modern-day trailblazers; semi-forgotten artists and legendary athletes; the famous, as well as the infamous. 


Hopefully some of these characters will resonate with you, open new avenues of inspiration, or at the very least, prove blindingly memorable. 


We all know her-stories have traditionally been swept aside to make way for histories, and this is a personal attempt to try and shine the light on some of my heroes. 


Created by Nina-Sophia Miralles, founder & editor of Londnr Magazine

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